The current interest rates are about 2 % to 3 %
Usually the mortgage period is 15 to 20 years, but it can go up to 25 years.
As a non resident you will have to put down a minimum of 20% in cash.

If you are taking out a French mortgage, there will be a fixed charge of approximately 1% of the mortgage - mortgage fees - payable to the notaire.

To get a quick feedback/ approval from a banker, we can act on your behalf but you may have to fill out this pre qualifying form and send us by e mail or fedex the following documentation :
1. Passport copy + utility bill
2. W2 statements over the last 2 years and / or 1040 Forms over the last 2 years
3. Payslips over the last 3 months
4. Letter of the employer confirming starting date, job position and annual income + bonuses.
5. Personal bank statements over the last 3 months on which the income is credited + reference letter from the bank in original
6. Most recent mortgage statement (showing the outstanding balance).
7. If rental income: copy of the lease + mortgage statement (if applicable)
8. Details of the assets on a portfolio statement, saving account etc ...

And when the pre agreement is signed :

9. The copy of the preliminary contract of the purchase of the property (compromis de vente)
10. A loan application form duly completed and signed.
11. A health questionnaire duly completed and signed.

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