Once you get the keys to your apartment, you will probably want to do some minor repairs or perhaps significant renovations.

We will help you prepare everything in advance.

  • If only repairs are required (painting and matters of that sort), we will obtain estimates before the “Deed” so that you can decide to do it as soon as possible.
  • If the renovation is more substantial, we will work with you to engage an architect who will help you prepare a comprehensive work plan. This plan will contain a detailed written estimate from the builder/architect, which will include a proposed start date, key milestone dates, a completion date, and a schedule of payments. The day you sign the deed, renovations will begin.
  • We will be your “eyes in Paris”, steadily providing you with photos of the work in progress.

It can be scary to undertake big renovations, especially when you live far away from Paris, but :

  • it will increase value to buy an apartment in bad condition, because you pay below market price and all the related costs are thus lower.
  • we are here to facilitate this work given our experience and our contacts with contactors.

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